Q: WHERE is trombone Christmas?

A: All over the place!

See locations here

Q: WHEN is Trombone Christmas?

A: Depends of which one!

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Q: WHAT time do I need to show up for Trombone Christmas?

A: Depends on which one you are going to!

See times here

Q: WHAT do I have to bring to Trombone Christmas?

A: Music stand,  music (available for purchase at the gig) , oh, and a trombone. It also may be a good idea to bring clothes pins or some other types of clips for holding music in the wind.

Q: How much does it cost to play at Trombone Christmas and when do I pay?

A: Early online registration is $5.  The day if the gig it is $5 for students, $10 for non-students, and you pay when you arrive.

Q: What do I get for my 5 or 10 bucks?

A: You get a button, the chance to play with us, and free parking (for registered players). You can get music at the performance.

Q: How do I register?

A: Online registration is now closed. You can register later this year online or at the events.

Q: How difficult is the music for trombone Christmas?

A: Our music is arranged for High School ability and above.

Q: What part should I play?

A: There are 6 parts, Click here to see part descriptions and ranges.

NOTE: Please only play 1st trombone if you are capable of playing in the high register continuously for hours.

Q: Can I bring my valve trombone?

A: Sure, but you must leave it in the car, Trombone Christmas is for SLIDE trombones.

Q: How about a plastic trombone?

A: Sure, but again, please leave it in the car, Trombone Christmas is for REAL trombones.

Q: Can I have a flyer to put up at my school/business/place where trombonists congregate?